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you fucking nerds really fell for that almond milk and cashew milk shit huh, now all of you motherfuckers are drinking nut milk, fucking owned you should join all the cool trans on Mastodon (hint hint is a good instance ;p)

i love how weird it gets on here when celebrities are involved

NOT IN OUR SWAMP................

the most important thing to understand about mastodon is you are no longer a product to be packaged and sold. you are now a member of an ACTUAL community. your instance admins run your instance because they want to provide a cool space to help their community.

we of the fediverse, whether a developer, admin, mod, and/or user, we all want you to have a good time and make friends and have fun. we don't have shareholders to impress.

don't worry about corporate overlords, worry about being you and doing what you love with people you enjoy :blobhappy:

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sometimes i remember that most people don't have folks actively protesting their existence and it's like, oh weird, are they just always happy

For anyone who is uncomfortable with the multi-column layout of default Mastodon, check out the webapp - it's single-column with tabs.

managed to tick-off a number of items off my todo list including HRT injection and cleaning toilets, so thankfully feeling mildly less stressed now (:

written a journal entry for the first time in nearly a month; ended up writing over 4 pages of brain-spill o.O

RT When you learn about symbolic links

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We are notbirdsite (aka not Twitter).

Largely dedicated to queer makers, whether you be a hardware/software developer, artist or writer. Strong emphasis on acceptance of LGBT identities, sex-work, body-positivity and anti-fascism (because oddly, in this day and age, it needs stating).

Though, as long as you abide by our rules, everyone is welcome!

We follow dzuk's list for instance-blocking:

For enquiries, please email: