to those of you wondering, yes, the Cellebrite Touch can run Doom

2nd working device has arrived.

Looks like somebody forgot to wipe the drive :p

obviously Bettercap is the first thing I have to get running 🀷

Device was totally wiped so ended up doing my own Linux install. Still got some setting up to finish but should be good to use tomorrow πŸ‘

Started dismantling the Latitude, figuring out what display driver + control board I need to order to use her with the RPi.

Though given how the laptop seems a lot more functional than the ebay seller made it out to be, I'm very tempted to fix her up instead of gutting πŸ€”

words cannot explain how much I detest this Instagram ad. so slimy of the UK gov doing this

found this again in my playlist, such a great track ❀️

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