"I'm getting a high ride, but the shorts aren't preventing me from doing what i need to do."

this is Steven. he comes everywhere with me and delivers me good drugs.

be nice to him

I may be worryingly depressed, but this is still the level of my self-confidence

Don't often post selfies, but today's the and feel like I should do my part.

I'm trans, and it took me a long time to get here (both with fitness, and mentally) but I'm damn proud of my body. And I'm damn proud to be trans β™₯️

the cardboard box pc has been upgraded. now she has a case! (dated 1998 on the inside πŸ‘€)

Dismantled my router earlier trying to find a header I could connect to it with over serial. I managed to find one! Though couldn't get the connection working 😐

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