Reverse image searched @bridge's phone wallpaper and found it here for anyone that wants it (source: Y'all an inside source at Nintendo sent me this screenshot im shaking

This is actually the only reason I bought Smash Bros Ultimate

My project I've been working on for the past few weeks is finally done, and now nearly on the Microsoft Store!

βœ…WLinux: First WSL-native Linux distro, based on, packed with features and configured for WSL. Our flagship app. 1.1.28 soon.

βœ…WLinux Enterprise: A Enterprise Linux-compatible WSL solution for custom large org deployments.

And now:

βœ…Fedora Remix for WSL:

Fedora WSL fully working as far as I can tell!

RT Pleased to announce Whitewater Foundry has been approved to join the Partners Program. This will allow us to bundle Red Hat Enterprise Linux in WLinux Enterprise for Windows 10 for enterprise customers with official RHEL licenses.

ironing out the last few kinks and got fine-tuning to do, but got Fedora working under Windows Subsystem Linux πŸ‘Œ

RT pls be proud of me

god, cpus can't catch a break at the moment
RT Researchers discover SplitSpectre, a new Spectre-like CPU attack


RT When you learn about symbolic links

Content Warning: pictures of abortion

We just received this through the front door. Like what the actual fuck? We're trying to hunt down those responsible to do something about this, because this is truly disgusting.

really enjoying our new instance header image

this fucking house
RT Say hi to the shit elf


For a photo where I was led on the floor of the garden about to pass out, this is pretty nice

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