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since everyone's plugging their instances at the moment:

Anyone looking for a new instance to join we're open at !

We're sitting at ~4gb of our 32gb RAM in usage, and CPU usage hovering at a few percent. We're woefully overpowered and looking for users to join :p

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I started hormone replacement at age 20, and since then have just stopped ageing. My body's just like why, why bother? Do we need this? Probably not.

my profile should just be:

Strong lesbian seeking strong lesbian. That's it

found the OkC app on my phone and opened it again only to come to the same conclusion:

there's a severe lack of strong lesbians. I am a minority

some CTF / hack the box style challenges I guess 🀷

Work for the day = done
Workout = done
Left the house = true

what the fuck am I meant to do now

Alrighty Lamp Folks, we got this thing now

Just proof, I'm the best one 🀷

feel free to enable (or keep disabled) the profile directory feature under your profile settings.

you can view profiles with this enabled on at

admin announcement: is now updated and running the latest 2.7.0 release version (not just release-candidate as before).

you may carry on scrolling :)

@Gargron might want to mention in the 2.7.0 upgrade documentation / release notes to remind people to check that their rbenv (specifically ruby-build) install is up to date, so they can install + use the latest 2.6.0 ruby update. This is something that both @Lumb and I both ran into

Hbomberguy's stream has been so incredible and fun, helping fill the gap sad fuckers like Graham Linehan has helped to create. #ThanksGraham. If you haven't checked it out yet, you really should, it's helping out trans kids! :3 ->

Swans are just aggressive ducks.

Change my mind

(for what it's worth I don't know about the inner workings of the VLC update progress, just a funny tweet coincidence :p)

Polar ya being called out

last thing I need right now is parents pushing to come visit :|

kinda sad, sui Show more

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We are notbirdsite (aka not Twitter).

Largely dedicated to queer makers, whether you be a hardware/software developer, artist or writer. Strong emphasis on acceptance of LGBT identities, sex-work, body-positivity and anti-fascism (because oddly, in this day and age, it needs stating).

Though, as long as you abide by our rules, everyone is welcome!

We follow dzuk's list for instance-blocking:

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