@garfiald I looked between the screen and the keyboard for a good 30s before knowing how to reply to this. Even still I don't know.

I just, I don't like this. Nope. Nuh uh

@CornishRepublicanArmy I did that for a little while before. It's exhausting but I used to really like getting home after work and having the whole day left πŸ˜›

@CornishRepublicanArmy ah that's rough D: what time do you finish if you start so early?

ha ha! 2 bugs one stone! though revealed another in the process 🧐

continual reminder that this cover of Masters of War is both beautiful and the original lyrics are still relevant politically, even 46 years later: youtube.com/watch?v=-0XoZ3Grlt

@CornishRepublicanArmy that's the one thing they don't want you to know about polyamory, you only get stronger. We are unstoppable

She was a SFF Optiplex with:
i7 4790
r5 270 2GB GPU
~300w PSU

I gutted her from the case and upgraded:
i7 4790
Radeon Vega 64 8GB
750w PSU (literally need to use a motherboard adapter to use it haha)

As soon as I can afford it (a while), I'll replace the central build with a Ryzen system.

I love my janky PC but she is definitely not long for this world. She is fraught with instability issues :(

The PSU and graphics card are all good. It's just running a Dell Optiplex SFF with more than its intended to handle ain't working out too well.

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