@gazelle see I've been pronouncing it in my head as:
'seeee - gaz - ull'

alright here have a lewd instead (boobs) Show more

And finally, a StandardNotes (E2E encrypted notes service) instance under txt.notbird.site


since everyone's plugging their instances at the moment:

Anyone looking for a new instance to join we're open at notbird.site !

We're sitting at ~4gb of our 32gb RAM in usage, and CPU usage hovering at a few percent. We're woefully overpowered and looking for users to join :p

If it all works out well I might just make notbird.site a home-hub to a number of different free, open-source, advertising-free services ๐Ÿ˜บ

Also, an ActivityPub image-uploader under img.notbird.site

For this, PixelFed: github.com/pixelfed/pixelfed

Right, I'm thinking sometime later this week I might set up an ActivityPub-based blog instance under blog.notbird.site

Plume looks pretty promising: github.com/Plume-org/Plume

Reverse image searched @bridge's phone wallpaper and found it here for anyone that wants it (source: i.imgur.com/HynxY1w.jpg)

@99Febro@twitter.com: Y'all an inside source at Nintendo sent me this screenshot im shaking

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