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okay I think I got a full BIOS dump assuming I selected the correct area in memory: file.io/IRjIZK

I *think* I can get a full bios dump from dumping the correct area in /dev/mem but I'm not totally sure. I'm still learning πŸ™ˆ

grabbed some BIOS info from the Cellebrite Touch via biosdecode and dmidecode (both human readable and a full bin dump): file.io/ziDFwE

this Tweet is inspired by me currently listening to Mark Tremonti's (lead guitarist from both the above bands) solo work, which fucking slaps by the way

@minego I can't believe you didn't enjoy five being called macaw

@minego link? I'm always looking for small changes to scrape into my own fork ;p

@minego indeed! I really like Suckless' policy. I save all my small changes on my own dwm fork

Music hot take:
Creed are a good band and I still enjoy them. And the band that formed from their initial ashes, Alter Bridge, are genuinely great and I've seen them live a good 4-5 times.

to those of you wondering, yes, the Cellebrite Touch can run Doom

@uint8_t I took this before I installed the correct fonts :p

Putting this unit away (for now) as I'm gonna clone the drive + perform forensics once I get the time πŸ‘

2nd working device has arrived.

Looks like somebody forgot to wipe the drive :p

obviously Bettercap is the first thing I have to get running 🀷 @evilsocket@twitter.com

Device was totally wiped so ended up doing my own Linux install. Still got some setting up to finish but should be good to use tomorrow πŸ‘

@emptyfortress it's ex law enforcement forensics tech so it's gonna be creepy :p. It's old, but it's easy enough to boot Linux on 🀷

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