@nuttgodd oof yeah. My parents aren't even particularly patriotic or war-loving, but god forbid I say anything bad about the troops

Back when I wasn't born, people called soldiers baby killers and it was ok.

@grufwub being PC in my house mostly consists of nonchalance directed at my dad for voting to leave the EU, despite me agreeing with him at the time

@grufwub Please consider either adding a text-capture of the screenshots you post, so visually impaired are able to access the content, or even better, just skip the screenshot and directly copy/paste the original text which saves you from having to type a description yourselves. That would be win-win for everyone.
Thanks for considering accessibility!

@MacLemon you make a good point! Though this was a cross-post from Twitter (automated) so not much I could do on this particular post, aside from delete and repost. But I shall keep this in mind for the future and try adhere to it 😊

@grufwub Another reason to not crosspost from Twitter to the Fediverse. It just causes a lot of problems.

Some more of which I've laid out here: chaos.social/@MacLemon/1005594

@grufwub ...kids should be fed by their parents...their parents should have a fsir opportunity to access supports... kids should not have to be fed in schools... there is something else wrong if other people need to intervene to feed kids in school.... children should be loved and cared for by their parents...

@grufwub What the fuck era was this because I want to live in it

@grufwub Apologies for abrasive language I just got excited to time travel to an era that isn't awful

@kelbesque @grufwub The era of calling soldiers baby killers & making fun of racists on prime time TV was known as the 70's.

@kelbesque @grufwub Sadly, it also included lots of awfulness, but then also Jimmy Carter & disco, so... hm.

@kelbesque @grufwub I was a small child but kinda remember the bicentennial being fun. Plus Laverne & Shirley.

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