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I do 4-hourly backups so should anything ever happen to the server, we'll be back up and running soon enough with minimal data-loss πŸ‘

server update: 's weird issues should be resolved. I had a dodgy rsync backup command in place which I've now corrected, and did a wipe of old cached media for safe measures.

should be all good now (:

I do love hosting with Hetzner, but I will eventually move to hosting at home.

Currently running Ubuntu Server as base with services running in Linux Containers. Might use the server-move to migrate to using an Alpine/CentOS/RHEL base with full virtualised guests using KVM.

Sorry for the few minutes of down-time. Server was having some weird performance issues!

I do love the Mastalab app features, but it just nowhere near as polished as Tusky. Tusky is simple, but works reaaaaal well

sat drinking the yerba mate tea bought to tide me over until next con

My face when I see instances joining together to share information about blocking bigots.

I could probably sort it with enough tinkering, but I'm wary of how much downtime we have with the Mastodon instance.

well that didn't work out ):

I'll set up a test server at some point so I can mess around and get haproxy working. I can get it forwarding traffic to the appropriate server but it somehow is messing with the TLS certificates

I'm trying to get pixelfed working at the moment, so Mastodon instance may go down for a little while I work out some kinks <3

with that hand gesture, I must've been making a real good point. Also, I miss Club Mate ):

I'm just sat here scrolling through my Google Photos, when I come across this.

I have so many questions... how? when? where? why???

I feel like buying me a Yubikey for Christmas is literally the perfect descriptor of our relationship ❀️

god will Linux and dedicated laptop GPUs every play nicely together?

My ass is so cold why must the weather do this to me!!

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We are notbirdsite (aka not Twitter).

Largely dedicated to queer makers, whether you be a hardware/software developer, artist or writer. Strong emphasis on acceptance of LGBT identities, sex-work, body-positivity and anti-fascism (because oddly, in this day and age, it needs stating).

Though, as long as you abide by our rules, everyone is welcome!

We follow dzuk's list for instance-blocking:

For enquiries, please email: