So, uhhhh, I'm now the owner of a working Cellebrite Touch (it's a later v6. 4 model), and broken Cellebrite UFED Touch I plan to repair.

This should be fun :p

I blame this entirely on

@TheEnbyperor they're basically small touchscreen computers (Intel Atom, 1gb ddr2, 64gb ssd, WinXP Embedded) with ports and attachments for connecting huge varieties of mobile devices. Then on board software for either backup/restore/transfer, and in UFED case has forensive software too

@grufwub I might have a use for one of those UFED ones, can they remove apple icloud lock?

@TheEnbyperor I don't think so. iCloud lock is server based as opposed to client based AFAIK. There are methods to do so, but I think its more along lines of how people get IMEI's unblacklisted. If you're in serious need I can link you to someone on Twitter

@grufwub Nah it's fine. Thanks for the offer though. What it is is that at the phone repair shop I work at we've keep getting in devices that are iCloud locked and we've just been wondering about ways to make them less bricked without finding someone in Apple who is willing to unblock them for us

@TheEnbyperor yeah unfortunately not that I'm aware of ): it gets a bit shady legal-wise too since a lot of the time iCloud locks means somewhere down the line of owners the device was probably stolen

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